The Benefits of Email Marketing

For around four decades, email has been a mainstay in digital communication, and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere soon. You see, email is still the most popular form of digital communication with 4 billion users actively using internet-connected email accounts (if they aren’t signed into an account right now, they likely have one that they check regularly). Although mail may not be an uncommon method of communicating with your audience or customers, it still reigns supreme as a marketing channel as its solid reputation for effective lead generation persists. It also makes for a softer selling strategy than newer forms of communication like Live Chat or social media.

A huge benefit of email marketing is that it isn't intrusive (like social media) and still makes an impact. Email marketing ROI can be as high as $38 for every dollar spent. Taking advantage of this strategy can provide a lot more than monetary rewards for companies: better customer retention!

Why is that? Although social media has grown in popularity over the past few years, email remains the preferred method of communication.In this post, we discuss the benefits of email marketing and why you should incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy to grow your business.What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful and functional form of sales that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. This can be integrated into your marketing automation efforts to help people who have previously interacted with your company via email become aware of new items or offers you have. This could also play a pivotal role in making customers aware of news, events, and sales content as well by implementing client-specific campaigns in which you focus on increasing lead conversions, generating brand awareness, building relationships with existing customers, or keeping them engaged between purchases through different types of one-to-one marketing emails tailored specifically for them.The benefits of Email Marketing

1. Low costs of the email marketing

benefits of email marketingOne of the greatest advantages of email marketing is how cost-effective it can be compared to other forms of marketing. There are no costs paid for printing up flyers, flyers, or brochures and no fees to purchase ad space either in magazines or on billboards and there's no limit to how many times your advertisement can be seen either; with email marketing, you don't pay per impression as you do with search engine marketing. And if you aren't already convinced then one might consider investing in specialist software that will allow their emails to be tracked, assessed, and improved upon over time so that they know when they're reaching their target audience as effectively as possible. Granted there may be a small overhead cost incurred by sending out thousands of emails at once but these costs pale in comparison to what one would expect to pay using other mainstream forms of advertising.

2. Boosts impulse purchases

Email generates an estimated £29 billion in retail sales a year, according to Marketing Week.Taking advantage of impulse purchases with email marketing is a piece of cake. It's rare that other marketing platforms enable customers to see an offer and then purchase an item within two clicks. There is arguably no better way to drive sales than through email newsletters which are built around the customer having a chance to take advantage of an offer and making the promotion easy to find and access.Now, Is impulse buying something you should be concerned about? A big YES! Ecommerce purchases are mostly made on impulse, with about 40% of all sales coming from impulse buying. Also, more than half of U.S. shoppers admit to making impulse purchases of $100 or more. Think about how cool it would be to increase your average sale by allowing people to impulse buy from your website.For example, one 24-hour sales event would be an effective marketing tactic. As a result, new subscribers will give in to their impulse to purchase what you're offering before the opportunity passes them by. Print and broadcast campaigns take weeks to see results and even then how can businesses know what drove the demand for a product or service?

3. Exceptional return on investment

email marketingThe business world is filled with competition, which is why it’s essential to always be looking for ways to increase your capital. The great thing about many methods of advertising, including email marketing, is that they all offer a fantastic return on investment. According to recent studies by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), the return on investment for Email marketing is 36:1 per £ invested, which often surpasses even Google Adwords! This makes email marketing a great way to develop your brand and grow your profit margin without sinking any more of your hard-earned capital into it than necessary.

Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels available to every business. You might want to start prioritizing email marketing for your company.

4. Communicate with targeted audiences

Every business will endlessly discuss the prospect of reaching out to a larger audience only to cut costs by reducing audience size. Marketing professionals will pay for retargeting options - but email marketers can do even more! With custom segments, the subscriber’s geography, interests, and more, you can target customers with your emails very narrowly if needed.You can, for example, arrange an email to only those who have shown interest in sports about a sale on sports goods, or for a promotion or discount code to be offered at a specified location in the message.

Email list segmentation is a wonderful marketing gimmick for brands who are interested in enhancing the value of their network. There are many different kinds out there, but the ones that concentrate on audience and demographic data often boast improved engagement rates as a result.Enterprise businesses are more pragmatic than ever before and have realized that simply bombarding every single customer that they have with the same message over and over again will no longer do. Effective campaigns are now segmenting data, and demographics (however they may be identified) and sending messages that appeal directly to individuals who may already be interested in the product or service your company offers.

5. Engage existing audiences

Consumers want you to use email marketing. This adage has been around for quite some time already and the fact that it still rings true is a testimony to how effective it is in reaching your target market. What makes email such a rock-solid marketing tool? It's because customers who sign up to receive messages from companies are already interested in getting information about their items - meaning, they're more likely to open them as opposed to traditional forms of overt advertisement. As a result, then, high conversion rates can be achieved as long as businesses make sure to not misfire their efforts by sending out irrelevant but untargeted messages instead!

Growing your email marketing list is an essential factor in launching a successful marketing campaign. However, if you don't want to send unsolicited emails, then you need to make sure that your existing contacts are fully informed about any new additions and changes to the service that you provide. You can also ensure that people know about these products and services by sharing with them through various social media channels, the benefits that they will get when they sign up for said service or product.

The Bottom Line

Email marketing is an effective communication tool that every business should be using to reach their audience and drive leads and sales. We hope you were able to learn something new from this blog about how email marketing can help your business grow. Get a sneak peek at our marketing platform and see for yourself how we help thousands of companies maximize their email marketing efforts.