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Automotive Accelerating Automotive Connections

D·engage transforms the automotive customer experience, from initial interest to loyal brand advocacy. Our platform streamlines the journey with targeted messaging, personalized engagement, and tailored offers. Boost sales and build lasting loyalty with D·engage's multi-channel approach in the automotive sector.

Prospect Engagement

Use web push notifications and targeted messaging to re-engage interested prospects, encouraging them back to your website or dealership with personalized messages.

Test Drive and Purchase Journey

Streamline test drive bookings with automated reminders. Offer personalized information and offers to enhance the buying experience.

Service and Maintenance Reminders

Send customized reminders for vehicle service and maintenance based on each vehicle's service history.

Loyalty Programs

Create loyalty programs with exclusive deals on services, parts, or new purchases, tailored to customer preferences and history.

Post-Purchase Engagement

Keep in touch post-sale to ensure satisfaction and encourage brand advocacy with surveys and referral incentives.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Inform customers about vehicle availability and new releases, using geo-targeting for local dealership updates.

Event and Launch Promotions

Promote new vehicle launches and dealership events with D·engage’s multi-channel campaigns, including teasers and interactive content.

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