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TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY Navigating Travel with Precision

Empower your travel and hospitality business with Dengage's targeted solutions, crafted for memorable guest experiences. Our platform excels in delivering personalized travel recommendations, real-time updates, and effective post-stay connections. Ensure every guest journey is special and perfectly timed, fostering loyalty and surpassing expectations with Dengage.

Destination Marketing

Use Dengage to send personalized travel destination suggestions and special package deals based on customer preferences and past bookings.

Loyalty Program Notifications

Keep your guests informed about their loyalty program status, point balances, and exclusive member offers through timely notifications.

Real-Time Travel Assistance

Offer real-time assistance and updates regarding travel schedules, itinerary changes, and local information through SMS and mobile push notifications.

Personalized Room and Service Upgrades

Suggest room upgrades or additional services based on customer profile and previous stay preferences, enhancing their overall experience.

Post-Stay Feedback and Re-Engagement

Engage guests after their stay with feedback requests and offers for future bookings, fostering repeat business and building long-term relationships.

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