Enterprise Template Manager

Apply templates to your high volume messaging transactions.

MMP also features an optional Enterprise Template Manager which gives you the opportunity to define templates on the system and enables you to apply to the messages before relaying them.

The typical messaging flow is realized by Template Manager as follows:

  1. Clients fetch messages from the back-end sources and push those into the “Message Input Queues”.
  2. If any content customization is required, “MMP Enterprise Template Manager” will fetch the corresponding messages for further customization. Email, Text, Mobile Push templates are created and tested during this step which is optional already built & customized messages. If no content customization is required, it will directly place the message into “MTA Msg Fetch Queue”.
  3. MMP Deliverability Stack fetches messages from MTA Msg Fetch Queues and directs them to their final destinations.
  4. MMP Deliverability Stack also collects deliverability reports (delivery timestamps, hard/soft bounces, open / clicks etc.) and pushes those reports into “Reports Queue”.
  5. Reports accumulated in the “Reports Queue” are then ready to be consumed by “Reporters” which commit them to the enterprise back-end systems.