Optimize your retail experience

Enhance the journey, optimize the message and create stories which entice customers to spend more, more often, and engage them where they feel most comfortable.

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We know retail, its
challenges and ways
to solve them

Legacy Applications<br/>& Data Silos

Legacy Applications
& Data Silos

Disparate IT<br/>Systems

Disparate IT

Bringing Online &<br/>Offline Together

Bringing Online &
Offline Together

Omnichannel<br/>Customer View

Customer View

Ineffective Offer<br/>Management

Ineffective Offer




Engage your shoppers everywhere

Meet your shoppers wherever they are. Send mission critical, real-time messages on any channel and device – from email to push notifications and SMS. Our Multichannel Messaging Platform easily integrates with your existing systems to send high volume messages quickly and securely.

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Orchestrate better shopping experiences

Delivering seamless experiences across all digital and physical touchpoints can be quite challenging. Our Customer Driven Marketing Platform give you the power to automate seamless journeys based on everything you know about your audience. That means you can create engaging omnichannel experiences that drive growth and foster loyalty.

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Bring offline online and vice-versa

Tell the same story no matter where your customer is. D-engage’s open data structure allows you to send data to offline marketing methods and use data from those same offline methods, online. No more showing the customer products they have already bought. Help them find something relevant, it’s easier than you think.

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Customer driven marketing platform with infinite possibilities that gets results

Built for marketers

D-engage’s digital engagement solutions are designed to enable marketers to rapidly scale and meet the changing demands of today’s consumer. Future proof your marketing and communication strategies.

Customer driven marketing

Flexible and open data structure helps with gathering all the data about customers from all touchpoints. Get a single source of truth and deliver personalized experiences, at scale.

Expert support

With D-engage, you don’t just get a software, you get a dedicated partner with over 20 years of experience in data privacy and security compliance, ready to help you bring your marketing to the next level.

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