A new era in customer engagement

Customer data activation, marketing automation and multichannel messaging in a single, scalable and robust platform.

Connect with your customers like you actually know them

Unify all your data, understand customer behavior and automatically launch personalized campaigns for each individual customer through their preferred channel, at scale.

Customer Driven
Marketing Platform

A unique offering built from the ground up with marketers in mind. Save time and use all the data in your disposal to create effective marketing campaigns no matter the channel. Integrate all your data sources and select those that matter, whilst offering personalized content which drives real engagement and sales.

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Messaging Platform

Make most of your own security and tech-stack by using our innovative on-premise solution. Monitor engagement, templates and users across channels using our application-to-application multi-channel messaging platform. Scale effortlessly whilst keeping your electronic reputation high with MMP.

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Platform key capabilities

With scalable tools for segmentation, personalization, messaging and
orchestration, D·engage empowers your teams to execute cross-channel
engagement strategies without additional technical resources.

Customer Data Platform

No matter the source, no matter the size, consolidate your data into a single CDP. Want to track the events on your website or other service, our big-data tables have you covered. All usable and selectable on the platform.

Content Personalization

In-message and on-web, no matter the channel, personalization and dynamic content is done easily with contextual interfaces and with added JavaScript support you can truly target content in a 1:1 manner.

Marketing Automation

Visual and responsive, our automation builder offers you fuss-free methods of building customer lifecycles across channels. Want to amend data based on status or place in a lifecycle? It’s all there for you to use as standard.

Audience Segmentation

Dive deeper into your data and choose the right people for that perfect message. Create segments with our easy-to-understand and use visual segment builder. Need more? SQL queries are also supported as standard.

Email Marketing

With automatic IP warming as standard we get more emails into inboxes. Reputation management system take action when anomalies are detected, ensuring your reputation stays in tact.

Mobile Marketing

Engage customers with relevant SMS, Mobile Push and In-app notifications. Bridge the gap between mobile and your other marketing channels by using data from other channels and other devices and responding in mobile.

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