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BigQuery + D·engage

BigQuery + D·engage

BigQuery + D·engage

As a customer engagement platform, D·engage enables enterprise marketing and I.T. teams to access all of the data that lives in their brand’s Google BigQuery — securely and in real-time — without copying, syncing, or mapping.


Build target audiences using live data directly from BigQuery

Keep your BiqQuery instance as the central source of data for your cross-channel marketing efforts. Leverage D·engage’s remote filtering capabilities to build highly targeted segments using all available data, regardless of storage.

Orchestrate dynamic, personalized cross-channel journeys

Access live customer data from Google BiqQuery and deploy highly personalized marketing campaigns across Email, SMS, Onsite, In-App, Mobile, and Web Push channels at a massive scale via D·engage’s native multi-channel messaging capabilities.

This noteworthy combination of BigQuery and D·engage provides enterprise brands with top-of-the-line Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities as well as Cross-Channel Messaging performance that’s more agile, secure, and cost-effective.

Seamlessly export data into BiqQuery for reporting

Create automated data exports such as consent change logs or campaign engagement data directly to your BiqQuery to create your internal reports.


By Leveraging Direct Data Access D·engage Transforms Marketing for Enterprise Brands

The Problem: Lack of direct data access causes numerous problems

Businesses that use common marketing platforms like Salesforce, Adobe, Braze, etc., may not initially notice any issues when sending out campaigns. But as soon as they try to use customer data to personalize messages, they will begin to encounter numerous problems.

In many cases, it starts with making a copy of the data they want to use, then shipping that copy up to the marketing cloud to segment audiences and build campaigns. This is the foundational issue from which most of the other problems arise. This one data disconnect leads to a host of difficulties for enterprise marketers.

The data they’re using to build audiences doesn’t reflect the live data that’s in their database. For enterprise marketers, that data is changing at a rapid rate as customers conduct business on the company’s website, on mobile, and offline. This creates a massive amount of data lag.

Having to sync this live data with the marketing platform takes time, and often only happens once a day, perhaps overnight which means that marketers cannot access updated information about customer status, changes in campaigns, or any fixes that were made until the sync is done. This creates a significant latency in accessing live data for the marketer.


Enterprise brands are paying twice to store the exact same data — once in their own database and once in the Marketing Cloud Platform — effectively doubling their storage costs.


The Solution: Connect directly to the data source to change how the team operates

D·engage’s biggest differentiator is that we connect directly to the enterprise’s database, allowing them to put their actual data to use, live and in real-time. This eliminates the need for a separate marketing cloud and reduces the amount of time it takes to make changes. Additionally, D·engage does not need to store any data, instead, it allows brands to access and use the data in its original location, ensuring that the data is always up-to-date and accurate.


D·engage has built its Customer Data and Engagement Platform around the idea that enterprise marketers should be able to utilize the live data they’ve often invested significant resources in getting organized.


D·engage’s offers a product for enterprise brands that are designed to minimize any technological barriers and allow them to efficiently use customer data to create highly targeted campaigns that generate results. This philosophy also extends to cross-channel campaigns with a user-friendly visual journey builder that allows marketers to design campaigns across Email, SMS, Onsite, In-App, Mobile, and Web Push all in one campaign. This allows marketers to — in one single journey and UI — specify the correct channel for a campaign, based upon customer preference or their own, ensuring that customers always receive the right message on the right channel at the right time.

Key Outcomes

Increase work efficiency

Save your team significant time and frustration by eliminating all the inefficiencies with data syncs and lags.

Deliver more personalized customer journeys

Easily build cross-channel customer journeys and reach customers with highly relevant messages on the channel they prefer every time.

Increase revenue, reduce costs

Direct data access means no paying for storing data, and the ability to create better customer experiences results in higher engagement and ROI.


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