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Financial Services
Financial Services

Utilize comprehensive, reliable consumer data to power improved financial experiences for your clients. Deliver personalized experiences – like low-balance alerts or special offers – via the right channel; now that's real value-driven marketing.

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Retail & E-Commerce
Retail & E-Commerce

Create multichannel, personalised shopping experiences that are timeless. Integrate these with solid client information to interact with customers everywhere. Deliver key communications in real-time across any channel and device.

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Betting & Gambling
Betting & Gambling

Build loyal players with our industry-leading CXDP. D•engage enhances player engagement in the betting sector by creating unique betting experiences and fostering recurring loyalty. Our technology makes us the top choice in marketing software for the betting industry.

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Providing the Most Innovative Companies in the World with Improved Data Insights
Built in scalability

Your constantly evolving needs for data storage are met by a very scalable architecture.

Enriched customer data

By incorporating third-party data, you add layers of insight to client profiles and get a deeper understanding of their interests and activities.

Multi channel data aggregation

Collecting data from various touchpoints like social media, in-store behaviour, in-branch interactions, and online journeys, is crucial for creating a comprehensive consumer marketing profile.

Real time interactions

Utilize real-time data processing to execute immediate marketing actions, such as personalized offers or targeted communications, at the times when customers are most engaged.

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