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Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Dengage’s WhatsApp Integration – A Comprehensive Guid

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Dengage’s WhatsApp Integration – A Comprehensive Guid

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with D·engage’s WhatsApp Integration – A Comprehensive Guide


We are thrilled to introduce you to the dynamic realm of WhatsApp Marketing Messages, a cutting-edge addition to our platform aimed at transforming your marketing initiatives. With billions of users worldwide, WhatsApp provides an unparalleled opportunity for personalized customer engagement, and D·engage is here to guide you through unlocking its full potential.


Why WhatsApp Marketing Messages?

WhatsApp Marketing Messages empower you to establish meaningful connections with your audience, whether nurturing leads, promoting offers, or delivering exceptional customer support. This guide and the user guide will equip you with essential insights and step-by-step instructions to integrate WhatsApp into your marketing campaigns seamlessly.


Getting Started: Integration with Service Providers

Before diving into the exciting world of WhatsApp marketing, it’s crucial to integrate with an external service provider. Currently, D·engage is integrated with as a solution partner for WhatsApp service. Simply navigate to Data Space > Integrations, locate WhatsApp in the list, and click Connect. Don’t worry if you don’t see the Connect button – contact your Account Manager or our Technical Support team to activate WhatsApp integration for your account.


Crafting Effective WhatsApp Marketing Messages

WhatsApp marketing success begins with approved message templates. Ensure your message template is pre-approved by a Meta Reviewer before sending. The template should include essential elements such as Header, Media, Text, Body, Interactive Elements, Call-to-Action, Quick Replies, and Footer. Personalization tokens add a personalized touch, making your messages more engaging.



Managing WhatsApp Contacts

Efficiently manage WhatsApp communication by populating three vital fields in the master_contact table: whatsapp_number, whatsapp_permission, and whatsapp_status. This ensures effective communication with your audience and compliance with Meta guidelines.

manage contact


Creating Targeted Campaigns with WhatsApp

Segmentation is key to a successful campaign. Whether you prefer Interactive or SQL segments, D·engage offers robust data management. Consider demographics, behavior, transactions, geographic location, engagement, and more for effective audience segmentation. Tailor your messages based on specific criteria to maximize ROI.


Campaign Execution: WhatsApp Send Node

Navigate to Campaign > Flows to set up your campaign flow. Define your audience, select the WhatsApp Send node, and configure your provider, account, and template. Map personalization tokens set customization for multiple languages, and review your configurations. Once done, you’re ready to send personalized WhatsApp marketing messages.

campaign execution1

campaign execution2


Monitoring Performance: Reports and Analytics

Analyze your campaign’s performance with Individual Send Reports, Overviews, Campaign Reports, and Channel Reports. Track metrics such as Delivery Rate, Open Rates, Sent, Impressions, and more to gain valuable insights and optimize future campaigns.




Get Started Today!

Ready to elevate your marketing strategy with WhatsApp? Reach out to our technical support to activate this feature and embark on a journey of personalized and effective customer engagement.

Thank you for choosing D·engage as your partner in innovative marketing solutions. We look forward to witnessing your success with WhatsApp Marketing Messages.

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