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RETAIL Enhancing Retail, Uniting Channels

Empower your retail business with our comprehensive solutions, seamlessly integrating online and offline shopping experiences. Our platform enables meaningful customer engagement, offering tailored interactions, effective loyalty programs, and dynamic omnichannel marketing. Connect with customers like never before, enhancing in-store visits and amplifying online sales with Dengage.

CDP for Seamless Online and Offline data unification

Elevate your retail strategy with our cutting-edge Customer Data Platform (CDP), designed to merge online and offline data into a single, comprehensive view.

Interactive Store Locators and Promotions

Utilize mobile push notifications to guide customers to nearby stores and inform them about local promotions or events.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Gather customer feedback post-purchase or post-visit through targeted email and SMS surveys, gaining insights to improve products and services.

Inventory Updates and Alerts

Notify customers about restocks, new arrivals, or limited-time offers based on their browsing and purchase history.

Personalized In-Store Experience

Use customer data to offer personalized experiences in-store, such as tailored product recommendations or special assistance.

Retail Event Marketing

Promote in-store events, workshops, or product demonstrations through targeted multi-channel campaigns to increase participation and engagement.

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