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Assist consumers in developing loyalty

Our platform ensures that your messages resonate with your audience throughout their customer journey.

Recognize and Involve Your Financial Services Clients Instantaneously
Recognize and Involve Your Financial Services Clients Instantaneously

The automated marketing software platform allows users to manage financial affairs with interactive features. Market segmentation boosts upsell and conversion rates. Real-time messages, omnichannel experiences, and threat identification reduce attrition.

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Enhance Lifetime Value by Personalizing Experiences in The Retail & E-commerce Sectors
Enhance Lifetime Value by Personalizing Experiences in The Retail & E-commerce Sectors

Attract, engage, and cultivate a customer base that drives growth with lead automation. During peak shopping seasons, D•engage utilizes segmentation and intelligent marketing features to tailor offers to customers. Employ countdown SMS messages, push alerts, and teaser emails to build excitement for new product releases.

Retail & Ecommerce Features
Gambling & Betting
Gambling & Betting

Entertainment brands must leverage a channel- and vendor-agnostic view of customer behavior. This includes real-time event-based promotions, loyalty programs, in-game notifications, cross-selling betting services, personalized push notifications and in-app messages. This approach promotes responsible gambling practices, rewards frequent players, and enhances mobile app engagement.

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Marketing pros use D•engage's marketing automation to revolutionize customer engagement
Drive Your Campaign Sucess That's Measurable, Through Marketing Automation Technology
Results You Can Measure

Understand how your team’s marketing activities across online platforms are contributing to business results with D•engage's revenue analytics

Automate in 1,2,3

By merging your past and current customer data, our software platform enables you to design customized interactions using our best-in-business automation software for each individual consumer depending on their current stage of brand connection.

Agility at Its Best

D•engage interfaces with a variety of marketing software programs and e-commerce platforms with a simple and quick platform setup, allowing you to begin multichannel campaigns quickly and adjust your strategy when necessary for optimization.

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